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NFYL has purchased some DVD/Video coaching aids. We are working out the procedure to make these publically available and how you can purchase them.

There are various coaching clinics available in the fall and winter. The Boys and Girls program coordinators will make you aware of their availability. Please make an effort to attend - good coaching makes a huge difference in youth player development!


Below is a very informative document about coaching lacrosse. Some parts are applicable to starting youth all the way up to senior boys. The document includes diagrams and drills.
Keys To Coaching Lacrosse.doc


Guilford Youth Lacrosse has some excellent coaching documents and power point presentations. The main point - educate, but keep it fun!

Coaching Techniques and Drills (need Microsoft PowerPoint). This should be mandatory reading for all youth coaches. Excellent. : Guilford Technique and Drills.ppt

General Coaching Information:  Guilford General Clinic Presentation.pdf 
Coaching Focal Points and Drill Stations: Coaching Points and Drill Stations.doc
Goalie Focal Points: Guilford Goalies Basics.doc
Sample Practice Plan: Daily Practice Options.doc


Below are some articles from Kevin Sheehan, a longtime coach at various levels of lacrosse. Here are links to his most recent articles (in PDF format):


The Great Leap Forward - Part 1 This article, written by Kevin Sheehan, for Lacrosse Magazine, gives five concepts to move your youth program from basic skills to the next level.
The Great Leap Forward - Part 2 Part 2 by Kevin Sheehan, for Lacrosse Magazine, continues with the five concepts to move your youth program forward.
Finding Space - Part 1 This article, written by Kevin Sheehan, for Lacrosse Magazine, gives an excellent explanation of how players can find space on the lacrosse field.
Finding Space - Part 2 The second part of Kevin Sheehan's series on Finding Space published in Lacrosse Magazine is available here. Coach Sheehan takes the drills from Part 1 and applies them to the Motion Offense.

Lacrosse Instructional Videos:

We wanted to alert you to a resource for [lacrosse instructional videos] that would be ideal for your players and coaches to know about: PlaySportsTV.com. We have hundreds of lacrosse drills and tips for boys and girls lacrosse, featuring Major League Lacrosse players like Mikey Powell and lacrosse greats like Matt Ward, as well as a training plan for coaching beginner and intermediate lacrosse players.

You can embed any of our free lax videos right on your site or feel free to link to any of them. You'll find all the videos at the following URLs:





The training plan is a paid product, which would be of interest for your all of your coaches, especially volunteer parent-coaches. You can check that out here: http://www.playsportstv.com/trainingplans/boys-lacrosse. In addition to offering group discounts for teams and leagues, the product can be sold as a fundraiser for your league -- where a portion of all sales from your coaches goes to the league.

Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.


Becky Mantell