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Midfield Tips

Let's focus on Midfield play. To be a top midfielder you must possess the whole package. Don't focus too much on any individual aspect of the game.

Here are some things to work on:

Shooting - During practice, focus about 90% of the time shooting on the run. That is really all you will use in a game. There are a few keys to scoring from outside. First, take alot of bounce shots. They go in more frequently. Second, try to be deceptive. Try to hide your stick behind your body until the last second. Finally and most difficult shoot with the proper technique. Hands and elbows high and away from your body, hands 12 inches apart close to the bottom of your handle, turn your shoulders and hips and uncork like a golfer.

Dodging: Want to be a great dodger? Here's a few tips... Don't dodge with the intention of blowing by your defender. Your thought should be to make a move to get your hands free for a pass or shot, if only for a second or two. Execute all of your moves in a game at FULL SPEED. (Practice your moves this way too) Learn to play lefty and righty equally as well. It does not matter how good you are at a dodge. If you make the move the same way every time, your defenseman will recognize this and you'll never get your hands free.

Run directly at the defender at 3/4 speed and when you get about 10 feet from him change speed to a full out sprint and explode past him to the goal.

The best places on the field to dodge from are the wings - left and right and the middle top of the box. I It is hardest to cut off angles from these spots.

Face-off - Don't rely on the other guy all the time. Learn some moves and practice!

Defense - Learn what it takes to be an individual "D" guy both on and off ball. Also learn the concepts of good team defense.

Conditioning/Stamina - As a middie you need to be the most well conditioned player on the field. How else are you going to make a big stop on D and than go to the O side and stick a corner?

Ground Balls - We all know they win games! Be relentless, and learn the proper technique. Ground balls win games and will keep you on the field if you're good at it.

Between the Restraining lines- Just be smart, move the ball to a player in front of you and don't sell out. That means don't go for a check and get beat in this part of the field, your better off getting in the hole preventing unsettled play.

Off ball play is an overlooked and important part of the attackman and midfielder's game. 60-70% of the goals scored are assisted by a teammate. To get these scoring opportunities however, you must know how to move without the ball.

Here are four tips:

  1. After throwing a pass, immediatly cut to the goal for a return pass (give and go), Most defenseman relax after you give up the ball...make em pay.
  2. If the defenseman covering you goes to double or help a teamate, follow behind him and get in a passing lane.
  3. Always cut to the ball as hard and fast as you do when you dodge. You'll be surprised how open you get just by cutting 100%.
  4. Watch top level lacrosse and see how the mids and attackmen cut. Also watch and play basketball.