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Lacrosse Unlimited and Dick's have starter packages.

1. White Cascade Helmet (or other NOCSAE-approved helmet). No hockey helmets.
2. Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
3. Lacrosse Arm Pads
4. Lacrosse Gloves
5. Lacrosse Rib Pads recommended for attackmen
6. Cup
7. Mouthguard - best ones have a strap which can attach to the helmet facemask
(buy two, fit them both, and then keep one in the car as a spare). NO CLEAR ONES.
8. Cleats (for spring; sneakers for MHHS clinic)
9. Lacrosse stick (see description below)


Note: Goalie equipment will be supplied by NFYL.


1. Bantam sticks must be from 37"- 42" long
2. Junior and Senior attack/middie sticks must be 40"- 42" long
3. Junior defenseman sticks must be from 43"- 60" long
4. Senior defenseman sticks must be no longer than the tip of the player's nose. Players with a longer stick must cut it down. If you have an expensive shaft, replace it with an aluminum one and cut it to the correct length.


During the early season practices it is cold and sometimes rainy.  If that is the case, then please layer your child with outer and under layer clothing.  The clothing should be blue, white or black in color.  We suggest clothing  such as:

1.  Polypropylene full-sleeve jersey (worn under the equipment).  Underarmor, Nike, Champion are common brands available at places like Sports Authority.
2.  A thin water resistant breathable top
2. Polypropylene long underpants.  Many kids prefer UnderArmour.
3. Water resistent running warm up pants
4. Thin gloves liners (such as those worn under ski mittens)

Please do not dress your child in a winter coat or ski pants since we will run a lot and he/she will overheat.